At BAE Systems, we provide some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence, aerospace and security solutions and employ a skilled workforce of some 83,400 people in over 40 countries.  Working with customers and local partners, we develop, engineer, manufacture and support products and systems to deliver military capability, protect national security and people and keep critical information and infrastructure secure.

Where we really differentiate ourselves versus our competitors is through our proven track-record of transferring technology, capabilities and skills to other countries both globally and here in Central & Eastern Europe. Companies across the V4 and CEE will continue to benefit from this approach.

In Slovakia we provide some of the world’s most advanced, technology-led defence and security solutions; BAE Systems Slovakia has supported the Slovak Armed forces for over 13 years and our programs include: National IFF upgrade, MOKYS Mobile Communication System and RG32 armoured 4x4 vehicles. Moreover, our anti-financial fraud software has been successfully deployed and is now saving the Slovak Government hundreds of millions of Euro’s a year.  

Working with customers and local partners, we will continue deliver military capability, combat financial crime and continue to work with our Slovak supply chain with whom we have generated over €300m of exports in the past 8 years. We are proud of our performance.

We are starting our second decade as the Exclusive Partner to GLOBSEC and we are honored to be recognized as a Patron of Slovak Atlantic Commission.

We Continue to Deliver Improved Operational Capability to the Armed Forces of Central & Eastern Europe




Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

At our core Microsoft is the leading productivity and platform company for the mobile-first and cloud-first world. We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more. Our ambition is to reinvent productivity and business processes, build the intelligent cloud platform, and create more personal computing.

Trustworthy Computing in our understanding focuses on creating and delivering secure, private, and reliable computing experiences based on sound business practices. Our goal is a safer, more trusted Internet. The security of our customers' computers and networks is a top priority. We are committed to building software and services that help protect our customers and the industry. Our approach to security includes both technological and social aspects, and we strive to ensure that information and data are safe and confidential. Drawing on industry best practices, we make investments to increase the security of our technologies and to provide guidance and training to help minimize the impact of malicious software.

In the cloud era, trust is more important than ever. Today, Microsoft supports more than 200 online and cloud services, a billion customers, and 20 million businesses in more than 76 markets worldwide. Those customers need to know that Microsoft will help protect their data. We know that organizations won’t use technology they don’t trust. 

At Microsoft, we take the security and privacy of our customer data very seriously. This focus has been ingrained into our culture for more than a decade and is a part of our company’s DNA.




Saab serves the global market with world-leading products, services and solutions from military defence to civil security. With operations on every continent, Saab continuously develops, adapts and improves new technology to meet customers’ changing needs.

When  Saab  was  founded  in  1937  its  primary  aim  was  to  meet  the  need  for  a  domestic  military  aircraft industry in Sweden. Since then Saab has developed to become one of Scandinavia’s premier defence companies. During the last years the markets in which Saab operates have undergone significant changes, with decreased defence budgets in the western world and an increased awareness about changed global threats. As a result Saab has expanded within the civil security field as well as in Air Traffic Management. The CEE region is an important region and in Czech Republic Saab has around 140 employees. The country is considered as a base, enabling expansion of the business into neighbouring Central and Eastern European countries. One of the largest programs is of course the Gripen fighter, in operational service within the Czech Air Force and the Hungarian Air Force. Both countries have decided on prolongation of the current leasing for another 10 years.

Saab’s  most  important  markets  today  are  Europe,  South East Asia,  Brazil   and  the  US.  Saab  has  around 13,000 employees. Annual sales amount to around SEK 24 billion, of which research and development account for about 20 per cent of sales.



Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin is a global security and aerospace company that employs approximately 98,000 people worldwide and is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products and services.




Philip Morris International is the world’s leading international tobacco company, with a diverse workforce of around 80 000 people who hail from every corner of the globe. We are committed to being a great employer and a good corporate citizen. We strive to be environmentally and socially responsible. We are dedicated to fighting the illegal cigarette trade. And we proudly support the communities where we source tobacco and where our employees live and work.

Six of the world's top international 15 brands, spanning more than 180 markets, are ours, including Marlboro, the world's number one. We operate 48 production facilities in 32 different countries. Our products are the choice of 150 million consumers worldwide, and for those who choose to continue to smoke, we will continue to offer them the best quality products. But that’s not where our vision for smokers ends.

PMI is engaged in the development and commercialization of Reduced-Risk Products ("RRPs"). RRPs is the term PMI uses to refer to products that present, are likely to present, or have the potential to present less risk of harm to smokers who switch to these products versus continued smoking. Through multidisciplinary capabilities in product development, state-of-the-art facilities, and industry-leading scientific substantiation, PMI aims to provide an RRP portfolio that meets a broad spectrum of adult smoker preferences and rigorous regulatory requirements. For more information, see www.pmi.com and www.pmiscience.com




We are looking ahead – to the next 100 years of the BMW Group.

At the BMW Group, we regard every day as a new opportunity to challenge ourselves and to excel. At our official centenary ceremony on 7 March 2016, we deliberately chose to look forward to the future: how will people move about 30 years from now? Obviously, no one can predict precisely how our mobility behavior is going to develop. However, those who do not try to imagine the future will simply not have one. We are presenting our ideas for mobility of the future with our vision vehicle, the BMW VISION NEXT 100.

This vehicle combines coupé-type sportiness with the dynamic elegance of a sedan – but rather than being an anonymous transport machine, it is a highly customised vehicle that is perfectly tailored to suit the driver’s changing needs.

Driver-vehicle interactions are managed by Alive Geometry; Boost and Ease modes offer a choice of driver-controlled or vehicle-controlled operations, and the interior of the vehicle changes to suit the mode of travel. In Boost, the entire vehicle focuses on the driver, offering the support needed to maximise the driving experience – for instance by indicating the ideal driving line, steering point and speed. Ease mode sees the interior transform: the steering wheel and centre console retract; the headrests turn to the side, and the seats and door trim merge to form a single unit so that the driver and front-seat passenger can turn towards each other.

 In the future, one thing will be in ever shorter supply: time. But connectivity will become increasingly commonplace, and technologies will learn to learn from people. Future mobility will connect every area of people’s lives. And that’s where we see new opportunities for premium mobility.

After its world debut, the BMW VISION NEXT 100 will go on a symbolic World Tour entitled “Iconic Impulses.” stopping in China, the UK and the USA. After its Asian premiere in Beijing, it will travel to London, where the Vision Vehicles of the BMW Group’s British brands – MINI and Rolls-Royce – will be unveiled. Its last port of call will be Los Angeles, USA, where BMW Motorrad will add its Vision Vehicle to the collection to complete the quartet of brands.

BMW. Sheer Driving Pleasure.



For more than 100 years, Raytheon has proven its commitment to partnering with allies in Europe to increase protection across the full spectrum of threats. In a volatile world, Raytheon is safeguarding our neighbors against traditional and new risks, including ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, aircraft and cyber threats. Whether it’s deploying robust air and missile defense systems, increasing critical infrastructure protection, or creating cyber security solutions, Raytheon’s expertise ensures Europe’s changing security and defense needs are met now and into the future.