In pursuit of our ambition, i.e. to secure impact so that foreign policy choices are translated into more stable and free international environment, GLOBSEC involves International Advisory Board to deliver effective results. This autumn, our group of international advisors has been joined by two outstanding personalities. Their expertise as well as their values demonstrated in their co-credit for the success of transatlantic cooperation will thus inspire us in our activities of active search for solutions to global crises.


Ambassador Alexander Vershbow has been widely recognised throughout his rich career as Deputy Secretary General, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defence and as an ambassador to Russia or Korea. In GLOBSEC, he will embody a spirit of transatlantic commitment as well as global cooperation.


Steve Clemons has been instrumental in the issues of international security over the years as the editor of the Atlantic, a co-founder of New America Foundation and the Executive Vice President of the Economic Strategy Institute. Also, as a person behind the Washington Ideas Forum, he will present a strong support in the matter of international cooperation.

GLOBSEC International Advisory Board is an honorary representative body composed of distinguished leaders, policy makers, former and current members of government, renowned thinkers and journalists, as well as representatives of the business sector. Its aim is to provide GLOBSEC with leadership, strategic guidance and insight pursuing its core mission and goals. The full list of the member of GLOBSEC International Advisory Board is here.